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Lecture 11


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Hannah Holmes

th LEC11 Oct 25 2010 Race & Ethnicity Pg 270-276 box 7.7 & 7.8 -Humanity (h. sapiens)  one race, much variation -Questions: how can human variability be explained?  How do we differ? Why do we differ? In which ways do these diffs matter? RACE -Sept 1997: AAA informed the US census bureau that race cld not be determined scientifically, BUT does not mean that ‘race does not exist’ or that ‘race has no meaning’ -So… does race exist or not? -if it exists, what exactly is it? -if it does not exist, why bother using the term at all? DEFINE RACE -a problematic classification of human beings based on skin colour and other physical characteristics (KNOX) -a subset of the human pop whose members share certain distinctive inherited bio characteristics (FELLMANN, GETIS) -a criterion of social categorization that distinguishes groups of ppl on basis of particular secondary physical diffs -subspecies: a physical distinguishable pop w/in a species (NORTON) -ID w/ a group of ppl who share a bio ancestor -a relatively bio diff w/in one species RACE: “THE FACTS” -one species only (h. sapiens) -there is variation w/in this single species BUT this variation is not sufficient (in bio terms) to say that races ex subspecies exist (subspecies genetically distinct) -bio diffs/variations = (isolations, environmental adaptation) –iso of one species from rest of the groups -human biologically variable species: variability results from natural selection in diff physical environments, humans cannot be divided into subspecies or races -therefore, race is not an objective fact ex it is unscientific -the concept/meaning of race is socially constructed -despite being ‘unscientific’ race has meaning and is accepted as a legit basis for analysis in a scholarly study Some additional thoughts: “race (as socially constr
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