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Lecture 12


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Hannah Holmes

LEC12 Nov 1 2010 st The Urban World Ch. 11 What is URBAN?? City- large town, created by charter why do cities exist? 1. cultural artefact/cultural creation 2. place of commerce/xchange 3. a place to be experience 4. microcosm of society (ex social economical classes) ALSO: Why do cities look the way they do? (why do poor ppl tend to live near the city centre) What forces shape/condition our cities? Why has the 21 century been termed ‘the urban century?’  URBANISM: the way of life, attitudes, values & patterns of behaviour fostered by cities  URBAN FORM: morphology or physical structure of the city (LAYOUT, ARRAGNEMENT OF LAND USES, DENSITY)  URBANIZATION: the process whereby a society is transformed from rural to urban in character  UBRAN GROWTH: process whereby cities/towns become more densely populated and/or spatially expansive (INCREASE in density OR in area) GLOBAL URBAN SCALE -by 2030, 60% of world’s pop will be living in cities -“MEGA CITY” population 10 mill 1995- 14 cities w/ 10 mill+ 2015- 22 cities w/ 10 mill + 2002 LARGEST CITIES: 1. TOKYO 2. MEXICO CITY 3. NEW YORK 4. SAO PAULO 5. MUMBAI IN NEW YORK: 1950-8 cities w/ 5 mill 2015-56 cities w/5 min -world is becoming more urban -more ppl living in large cities URBAN ORIGINS pg 453-454* 1 region of independent urbanism Mesopotamia ‘Civilizations create cities, but cities mould civilizations’  valley of Tigris & Euphrates cities are very recent phenomena in the course of human history  What factors account for the ap
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