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Lecture 16


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Hannah Holmes

th LEC16 Nov 15 2010 Symbolic Landscapes Ch 7 pg 263-265, 281-284 Question: Why do places/locations look diff form one another? -elements of human/cultural variation: language, religion, ethnicity, etc -diff imprints of culture on the landscape from one place to another EX place A does not look same as place B Landscape- contains space, people& time  The characteristic of a particular area, esp as created through economic activity NORTON EX in the form of roads/infrastructure/people  OR expression of cultural values, social behaviours, individual actions worked upon particular localities over a span of time (space where ppl carry out their activities)  Key elements: 1. People: cultural creation 2. Space: characteristics of an area 3. Time: dynamic/evoking QUESTION: Why do some cultural landscapes look the way they do? & What is the social/symbolic significance of the cultural landscape LANSCAPE AS A HUMAN SYSTEM: 1. Landscapes are comprised of cultural artifacts the tangible/visible elements of landscape ex building 2. These cultural artifcats are functional, ex they serve a practival/utilitarian purpose ex some buildings used for shelter, others for economic fxns 3. These cultural artifacts are symbolic, ex they are embedded w/ meaning/significan for the culture which created them EX skyscrapers of Manhatten symbolize powerof New York US Why is this important? -landscape is ‘where we live our lives’ -meanings associated w/ landscape are linked to sense of
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