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Lecture 12

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Bridget O' Shaughnessy

Economics – February 4 , 2013 – Lecture 12 (PowerPoint slides) Economics – February 5 , 2013 – Lecture 13 (In-class activity – hiring thing) Economics – February 11 , 2013 – Lecture 14 Is unemployment necessarily bad?  Statistics Canada divides the non-institutional adult population into three categories: 1. Employed 2. Unemployed 3. Not in the labour force  Unemployment rate = (# of unemployed/labour force) x 100  LFPR = (labour force/adult population) x 100  Employment rate = (# of employed/adult population) x 100  LFPR: labour force participation rate  People who aren’t interested in working are in adult population Do these figures reflect reality? 1. Discouraged workers  Looking for work for a while but cannot find any  Stop looking because don’t think they’ll find any  Do not actually count because do actually want a job 2. Underemployment  People working part time when they would rather work full time  Count as working so do not count as unemployed even though they want to work more than they are  People are overqualified for their job because were a doctor in their home country but not in Canada (ex.) 3. People lie  Lie to get employment insurance Why is there unemployment? Three types of unemployment: 1. Frictional unemployment  Job search: recently lost job and are looking for new one but haven’t found one yet  Sectorial shifts: some industries not needed anymore and new ones being created 2. Structural unemployment  Quantity of labour supplied > quantity of labour demanded 3. Cyclical unemployment  Recession/expension Employment Insurance (EI) (diagram) th Economics February 12 , 2013 – Lecture 15 International Comparisons  Look at post: o Overall unemployment rate for January o Youth unemployment rate for January o Unemployment rate for women and men for 25+ for January  More generous employment insurance usually means higher unemployment Would you hire a lawyer willing to work for $8 an hour? Why is there unemployment? 1) Frictional unemployment 2) Structural unemployment 3) Cyclical unemployment  Natural rate of unemployment: long run average  If actual unemployment rate > natural unemployment: in a recession  If actual unemployment rate < natural unemployment rate: in an expansion Reasons for Structural Unemployment 1. Minimum wage: economic theory  Minimum wage is a price floor  Difference between people who want to work at binding minimum wage and people who want to pay that minimum wage causes unemployment  Horizontal distance between labour supply curve and labour demand curve Minimum wage: real world  When minimum wage went up there did not seem to be a drop in employment  Use vertically sloped labour demand curve instead  Do have
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