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Hannah Holmes

Upper Canada War of 1812 end of American rev resulted in the us being unhappy with the british over American territory along the great lakes and they didn’t like that the british backed the Indians on American frontiers and they didn’t like that the british didn’t sign agreements that were favourable to the us Americans then thought war would help them War started bad for americans Tried invading Canada but Isaac brook and the british were there to fight US Defeated at battle of queensten heights where brook was killed WE WON Finally the war ended in 1815, everyone got there territory back no change Obstacles to agriculture booming in upper canada • Corn Laws 1815-1846 • British instituted this law • Corn means grain and wheat • Tariffs on foreign imports coming into Britain (to support british farmers) • High transport costs • Few roads… shitty roads… travel in winter bc of sleighs were easier • Water key method of transport for bulk goods • Needed canals when there weren’t natural water ways • Welland Canal opened 1829 • Any fall in wheat prices in montreal bankrupted Niagara wheat farmers because of the high cost of transport • Those that owned there own mill more successful because its cheaper to transport less bulk • Mills however require water so water was important not just for transportation • British military wanted to ensure they had a presence in both lakes but before the canal they would have had to have people positioned at each lake individually • Canal would only be built through private interests • All mills would use water source as there power • Erie canal thought to obsorb all montreal trade to Europe… because theyre water didn’t freeze in winter • William Merritt wanted to convince montreal to publicly fund the welland canal
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