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The Atlantic Colonies (Topic 5) Newfoundland  Becomes a British colony 1824, almost 300 years after fishing starts. Remains mono-culture  As late as 1869 84% of workforce employed fishing, economy exclusively focused on fishing Maritimes and the American Revolution 1776  American Revolution creates new opportunities o Forestry o Settlement: make sure maritimes remain part of British economic zone protect from US acquisition o British mercantile system  1783 ending of American Colonies exemption under Navigation Acts o Designed to ensure goods transported to and from Britain, transported in British ships. Transportation incredibly slow so a lot of people employed in transportation o Act said: Good shipped from British colonies (New England, 1763 from New France) to Britain had to go in British ships or ships flagged (of british ships) couldn’t do in French Spanish dutch ships. Likewise goods shipped from Britain to british colonies and shipped from british colonies to other british colonies. If Danish producing butter sending to Britain could go in Danish ship. o Important because things like sugar, food going back and forth  Nova Scotia  Jays Treaty of 1794:  1793 Napoleonic Wars give new stimulus to Maritime region  British police Navigation Acts more carefully  1803 British withdraw US privileges under Navigation Acts o Tried to push trade back to Nova Scotia as part of triangular trade  Fishing, timber and ship building sectors develop
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