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Genoa 30/01/2013  Initially engaged in piracy against Arab shipping in the Mediterranean, and raided North American ports. They would raid and attack Muslim ports in Africa.  Evolved into a trader, connecting Italy and Palestine and Syria  Supported Paleogus in the capture of Constantinople -The Paleologus dynasty would hold it until the Turks  The Genoa was the first Mediterranean power to establish routes to England and Flanders -Exchange of Eastern goods for cloth and raw and wool (produced in Italy) -Would lead to the end of the Champagne fairs  Their wealth was 7 x the wealth of the French Monarch  The wealth of Venice and Genoa, along with that of Pisa and Florence, would later fund the Renaissance (they would have become wealthy by trade  Islamic and Christian merchants routinely dealt with each other. Christians often worked as clerks for Arab merchants - Hindu/Arabic numerals and place value arithmetic reach Europe through this channel - Europeans exposed to elementary account keeping, which the Italians later develop into double entry bookkeeping (appearing ca. 1300) - Knowledge of sugar also reached Europe through the Arabs. The Arabs used slaves in its cultivation, a practice copied by the West. Europe didn’t know what sugar was, they only knew what honey was. India Nothing assicoiated with India really stood out.  The Islamic world was connected to India and Ceylon through the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.  India’s main export was black pepper, cotton textiles,
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