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King had to train and maintain knights. Knights kept upgrading their tech(better armour) king would send out knights to conquer and bring him more resources. Cash was not very good in local markets. Local nature of markets. Transporting things any distance was expensive. Kings job was to pick out lords, give them a manor, give them territory to exploit, and the lord would have to train and maintain the knights in case war ever broke out. Manor lord had control over a volume of land. The core part of that land was agricultural. Woods around land were valuable. Attached to land were peasants, labour was not free; if you were a bottom of totem pole you were peasant and attached to a certain piece of land. You are not free to move away or choose how to allocate land. Output from peasant would go towards training more peasants. Contract between lord and pesants. An establish way in which things were being done. Each of these parties needed something. Lord needed labour to exploit the land (lord) that the king had given the lord for his use, the serfs needed security from the raiders and bandits. Serfs needed some recourse to justice. Manor is economic place of feudalism. Manor is self sufficient. Peasant would have control over several strips of land that would be separated then allocated to peasants. Pesant = a person whose work is not his own, his labour is provided to someone else. Serf allocated some of his days to the manor lord working underneath an overseer, on the remain
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