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Lorraine York

English Short Genres: Boys and Girls Munro Tuesday’s class- “The Glass Mountain” as well as Andrew Lang’s retelling f the fairy tale on Avenue to learn web links. - Alice Munro referring to short stories as houses rather than journeys - Initiation Story: the main character, usually a child or adolescent, undergoes an experience (or rite of passage) that prepares him or her for adulthood. - Setting (place & time): Huron County farm post 1945 after the Second World War, house/barn, bedroom/ hallway, inside/ outside - Narrator speaks about Second World War throughout the story - In the story, a complication arises early which is the mother’s unhappiness. She is unhappy that the skinning of the animals occurs in her house (as she refers to, her sphere) - Jubilee is a fictional location; rather Munro refers to it being in Huron County, Ontario - Antagonist relationship - Odour of the foxes was reassuringly seasonal; according to the daughter. She found this as a pleasant scent. - Barn and the house seen as unified by the daughter, however as the story goes on barn and house become set against each other - Girl and house are being connected by the mother (mother states that it’s like she doesn’t have a daughter because she is never in the house rather always in the barn). Mother is making a statement that women belong in the house. - House is the domain of woman; barn is the domain of men (made evident throughout the story) - Setting is an active participant in demonstrating the divide between gender roles that are evident in the story - Bedroom is also a place that is initially shared and then becomes divided - Daughter feels fearful within inside, not outside Labour- rural & seasonal, quite gender divided in this particular time and place of Munro’s story
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