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Jeffery Donaldson

Day 2 January 14/2013 English 1A03 “Say what you see” > do this when reading a poem first. Arsehole: - Musical instrument imagery - Hunger, food, feeding > a sense of needs and replenishment of these needs - “Each note pleaded to love…” > suggests melancholy feeling - Repeated word of “longer” > to emphasize, has an effect on the music of the line, influences our response to that line - Repetition is a resistance of time but it can embody time: a sense of a consecutive order - Same sentence structure of “it is” gives the poem a descriptive, explanatory and authoritative feel - No person involved in the first two quatrains. Third and fourth includes an “I” which personalizes the poem - “I dreamed your body was an instrument” > use of “your” makes the poem feel more personal - Poem has a shift from formal and definitional to emotional (bodily needs, hunger, desires) What we’ve been doing so far: - With poems: just say what you see - Poems don’t have definite “meanings” any more than experiences do. An experience of a poem is just that: an experience. Experiences are not like questions that have “right answers” or correct responses. We have them, they make an impression on us, we can often make something of those impressions. - A poem is an event that occurs over time, a process of engagement at a variety of levels, the first of which involves just letting it happen (As one would a piec
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