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Jeffery Donaldson

Day 3 January 16/2013 English 1A03 Charm: How a poem sounds, emotional dimension Riddle: How all the parts of a poem relate to, or connect with, each other. The ideational or thoughtful aspect The all-important crossover effect: where charm begins to riddle and riddle begins to charm We Real Cool - Syncopated, rhythm o Gives a straightforward effect - The “we” gives a heavy personal pronoun - Conspicuous auditory experience o Heavily invested in rhythmic effects o Captures the central experience o Juxtaposition of Jazz June, Sing, Thin, Sin, Gin. The City Limits - Transitional piece - Concrete descriptions - Poem has a breathless momentum, it is all one sentence - Repeated syntax of “when you consider” o It is resolved: “then the heart moves roomier”  Simple, but a disguised “If this” , “then that”  Finally we get to a consequence of building up  Gives it a musical effect because it is about the natural world and its energies being carried by momentums  There is something riddling about this in juxtaposition Prayer (I) - Juxtaposition of a variety of different images trying to characterize what prayer is o Each one of them metaphorically relates back to what prayer is -
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