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February 13/2013 English 1A03 Poetic Form – Form and Content Form, Noun - Can refer to: o The shape and structure of an object o The body or outward appearance of a person or an animal considered separately from the face or head; figure o The essence of something o The mode in which a thing exists, acts, or manifests itself; kind: a form of animal life, a form of blackmail o Procedure as determined or governed by regulation or custom o A fixed order of words or procedures, as for use in a ceremony, a formula o Manners or conduct as governed by etiquette, decorum, or custom o Behaviour according to a fixed or accepted standard: Tardiness is considered bad form o Performance considered with regard to acknowledged criteria: a jump shooter having unusual form o Proven ability to perform: a musician at the top of her form o Fitness, as of an athlete or animal o Method of arrangement or manner of coordinating elements in literary or musical composition or in organized discourse: presented my ideas in outline form, a treatise in the form of a dialogue o A particular type or example of such arrangement: the essay is a literary form o The design, structure, or pattern of a work of art: symphonic form o A mold for the setting of concrete o A model of the human figure or part of it used for displaying clothes o A proportioned model that may be adjusted for fitting clothes Form: Verb To give form to; shape: form clay into figures o To develop in the mind; conceive: form an opinion o To shape or mold (dough, for example) into a particular form o To organize or arrange: The environmentalists formed their own party o To fashion, train, or develop or acquire: form a habit - To constitute or compose a usually basic element, part, or characteristic of o To produce (a tense) by inflection o To make (a word) by derivation or composition - To put in order, arrange - Form is as much a process as a thing, the manner in which a thing unfolds - Avoid thinking of form as a kind of box-shape that a certain number of words get poured into - The form of a poem is not necessarily a decision that a poet makes before he or she starts writing - Certain kinds of content or subjects will prescribe certain forms o Those forms in turn will influence how the content is organized an generated February 13/2013 - Wo
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