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Jeffery Donaldson

Alena Tran Monday March 18, 2013 English 1A03 Rose for Emily Summary Analysis  About a woman in a house who is over powered by her father that doesn’t let her marry who she wants  Taxes  Major part of the story: she’s been keeping a dead man in her house; this man was a construction worker in which she was involved with; it was hinted that he was a gay man  There’s this sense that there is no physical relationship; he seems to be a polite fellow for taking her out  But whatever she’s getting out of that relationship is more of an emotional attitude to have someone in her house  That work was so important to her that she would kill a man and lie beside that dead body  We’re in a whole different reality, relationship.  The author is looking at a woman early 19 century, growing up in a certain environment; where she’s standing in front of a door with a father standing in front of her  That world of the house is completely shut away from us and the only access we have from that house is that tableau of her father standing in front of the house (but not true); because other people do go into the parlor (very important image) that settles  There are these 2 moments where we get to be in the house and in those 2 moments they see an image that is wildly presented in the parlor and the bedroom  Emily is a kind of transitional figure; link to the next generation; but her freedom to do that work is blocked by her father  WHY does he do that? The father has an image of who they are and what belongs to them; he has a certain standing in the community and he has a certain idea of who his daughter is going to be; then he dies and she responds to her world in an altered way  There’s a sense of class division  Someone is hanging on to the past; Emily is hanging on to something just like her father was hanging on to something  The metaphors are fairly conspicuous (the metaphors of death a
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