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Jeffery Donaldson

Monday April 1, 2013 English 1A03 Cathedral Raymond Carver Summary  Wife friends with a blind man  Blind man is coming over to stay with them (husband and wife)  Blind man and husband draw a cathedral together  Husband closes his eyes and has an experience Themes & Connections  Vision; very important  Question of accuracy of vision, the truthfulness of vision, according to states of mind  Idea of seeing clearly, seeing well, seeing larger and more precisely than one otherwise  The Yellow Wallpaper: connect the uncertain of the pattern who sees something that may or may not be there, you don’t know if she’s seeing clearly, she is working towards something others in the story isn’t working towards, in the cathedral there is a sense of discovering the characteristics of the drawing  Sonny’s Blues: Actual drugs in two different stories (smoking and heroin);  Identifying larger issues; comparing and contrast  A Good Man is Hard to Find: catharsis at the end; sense of faith; revelation of the truth; the “something” coming clear in ones world; how much we might distinguish these two apocalaspy? One sense has a judgment upon verses the idea of something being uncovered or lifted off in cathedral (when he wants to keep his eyes closed, and says explicitly he didn’t feel like he was inside anything)  metaphor, a pun that wasn’t spoken, central metaphor of the story is a cathedral a structure that he is trying to describe - Moments when the author is gathering his forces around some sense of arrival; is finding something, coming to its point of focus, the world that he finds himself in seems like his experience has come to a discovery  The audio tapes exchanged: given the narrator’s block around needing to see, given that you don’t see you must be lacking in some way, but here his actual wife where he’s not making a intimate connection while she’s making a connection in another sense with the blind man  Vision, voice and touch (when he’s touching his hand when he’s drawing the cathedral) Carver is developing many of the senses, the metaphor of making a connection of touching someone and being touched  What aspect of cathedrals themselves are connected with supports that he’s trying to talk about when he’s trying t
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