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English 1A0310162012 52900 AM Poetry Introduction 369Essay topic 2 will be distributed in tutorial next weekList of poetry term is on avenue1Poetry as per formativeWe are writing more poetry in dailylife than what we expected396 Its more about following the forms and values 402 Tension in between originality and conventiono tensos2 Poetic form and creativityLeonard Cohen The Future 625Leonard Cohen Live in London Dir Edward Sanders Columbia 2009DVDCohen Leonard The Future Columbia 1992CD use of chorus is such an important thing in the songcontrols the speed of the song mid way through the songsget more of a sense in pasting musical background adds dooms uses synthesizer in this album heavier beats and soundsLine 4142 end line poetic order little glimpse of orderBeing able to hear it in CD records its better than the radio because you can always access it online again After listening to the song it makes it more meaningful by going back to the poem to read over it againThere is a crack in everything thats how the light gets inLeonard Cohen Anthem Question Persona Sound Repetition Rhythm 19 Oct 2012 1 Scansion Metrea pattern of rhythm in poetryprocess to discover what ways to read the poetry Scansion is the method of determining the metre of poetry Scansion Steps1 Syllables When e ver Rich ard Co ry went down town10 syllables 2 WheneverRichard Cory went down town3 Whenever Richard Cory went down town Ictus symbol to mark stressed syllable breve symbol mark unstressed syllableFind the prevailing unitlamb unstressed stressedadjective ambicx5 feet Other common English language poetic feet Trochee stressed unstressed tiger tiger burning bright William Blake Dominant patter AnapestAnapestunstressed unstressedstressedEg Oh give me a homewhen he buffalo roam Where the deer and the antelope playdominant platterDactyl Stressed unstressed unstressedMerrily merrilyonward we go DrYorks Memory TrickThe words dactyl and trochee begin with a consonant and both of these feet begin with a stressed syllable
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