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Animal Farm

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Roger Hyman

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Animal FarmConfused as a childrens text even though it is a political satire similar to Gullivans TravelsReference to Hobbes in the first speech reference to Karl Marx Hobbes state of nature cannot be overcome merely by society but only by communism by equalityThe raven represents religion probably the church in RussiaSquealer deals with propaganda revises language similar to the Soviet newspaper called Prafta which translates as proofSnowballTrotskyOpening speech both utopian and dystopian and Orwell balances between the potential of social reform and the actuality of revolutionOrwell not opposed to revolution but to the abuse of power that does not necessarily benefit those who were part of the revolutionDispute between Trotsky and Stalin over revolution and this is mirrored in SnowballNapoleon History is rewritte
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