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Klee Wyck Continued

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Roger Hyman

Klee Wyck ContinuedSophie in the sick house got sickeye The Indian section of the hospital ice cream divided into four Carr raises this issue sidelong Question of segregationGreenville is the anglicised name of the Indian village Just like Sophie it has been renamed and had identity conferred upon it This also erases the old Identity By mentioning the old name Lakhalsa Carr is trying to say that these things still exist and can be foundThe Progressive Vision as opposed to the Old Ways the progressive vision erases the old waysTotem poles have simply become an artifact something to be viewed and even in that the original meaning has been erased even if it has been preserved Carr emphasizes that the totem poles were actually imbibed with spiritClock and Calendar Culture not necessarily the right thing and so she comes close to a society that does not see a progressive materialism as normative or necessaryFriends Louise talks about her house the house is described in ways that are unlike any other house in the story Motherhood and Parenting themes The picture of the dead triplets what is suggested with the dyingliving thing They knew that the third baby wasnt
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