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Peter Walley

Konstantinos ZaridisDr A SavageDr P Walmsley 1ENGLISH 1C06A HISTORY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE5 September 2013Lecture 1 Introduction to course and materials AngloFrenchmiddle english Chaucers Cant Talesearlymodern english forces inuences who read them etccanonworks of literature that have become accepted great works term 2slavery whats accepted and not about literature eng imperial literatureperiphery literature cultural issuescritical perspectives relative to them medieval romanceretreatment of serious literature Latincomical strange literaturethings we cant explainBeowulfone manuscript in the entire worldwritten texts were not the norm originally poetryoral form 1066libraries burnt down av of 6 timesuse slow readingprosodyrhythm of lang natural Broadview Anthologypg 130 medieval before 1500pg 465516 698715Victoria Super Tutorducanvmmcmastercamac websiteBeowulf volume A romanceroman not latin vernacular not love 9 September 2013Lecture 2Beowulf in the Context of the AngloSaxon Culture favorite parts of literature were read in medieval times people didnt read this poemcopied it for ref copied within a religious houseLatin letter from Bishop to leader in Britainsomeone read the Lay of Engildproblem Beowulf readperformed for monastic houses not Christian poem1000 c lyrical lamentsgold buried by last survivor or a genocide war dragon ght50 years beforeGrendel and Grendels mother humanlike cannibals no thoughts in this poemtwo references1 cannibal Grendel advances on the hallpeople he will eat 2 before ght with dragon thinks aloudsoliloquy about remembering his pastadopted boy switched sons peace compact B hall destroyedhe felt gloomynot usual moodSocietyKonstantinos ZaridisDr A SavageDr P Walmsley 2people wrote phoneticallywhen became Christiansused Latin alphabet Benjamin Bagbymemorized in Old Englishperformed with a harp poetry illiteratesmore words for original language survived burnings reformation burned bookslibrary of 18th library director Francis Cusjunius 1700s we dont know if sung or chanted or said English poetry was rhythmic4th stressed linemiddle of 7th centurydocumentation of a mannever played harppoems manages to do one in a dreamlater he does it again Caedemonscholars came and wrote at his mouth Caedemons Hymndifferent versions only one of many Remainder of the StoryWiglaf remains and helps Beowulfdeath of BeowulfWiglaf is next heiropens his people to assault due to no apparent heirslavery genocide Beowulfs peopleGeats existed destroyedabsorbed into the Swedish people Northern Germanic people Sweden and Denmarkwent out of it and settled Valley of Rhine went to huge migration in the course of 5th6th centuries about warchaosloss of life and culture rel to period about 1000 c southwest England History of EnglandCeltsindigenous to England Ireland Scotland BritonsEngland Welshlike language Rome tried to colonize it 55 BCcolonystayed thereBritons pushed to North and West 410Roman legions pulled outcolony of Romanized Celts stayed some buried gold in garden no Roman legionsmercenaries hiredfought back the Celts Celts stayed dialects formed597Christian missionaries came to Britain 600s 7th centuryAngloSaxons adopted Roman Christianity some people had Celtic Christianity Anglos Saxons JutesGermanic viking invasions 754758vikingsGermanic attacked England in 8th centurygoing on when Beowulf is written assault and warEnglishonly vernacular languagenot in Latin Beowulfpoet knows audience is Christian 6th century most likely bits of stories came togetherwe dont know how it was performed only state of manuscriptmonastic institutional stylelater ones are difcultwriting as fast as they can Konstantinos ZaridisDr A SavageDr P Walmsley 3invasionoccupation by vikings 8th cend of 10th century they took over much of England after King Alfred land won backland stayed English Scandinavian elementsTraditionsBeowulfs people await genocideno apparent heir gold buried with peopledragons liked goldSutton Whoodragon entered sleep gold passed out of memorylimitations of human memory problem of the poemwar like AngloSaxon England Norman conquestsnorth of France p 9394man is lamenting death of his people 2247 all of my peoplememory of everything that is not therebeautiful things in a dark world goldnot moneyitem of tradegive gold like Beowulfsurrounded by retainers cousins etc hostageswould dieleaveBattle of Mouldin 991vikings vs themanchored their longship on islandvikings wanted plunder not killAngloSaxons fought them Byrtnof so landlet them land then fought them govt terribleno one protecting peopleeveryone of Byrtnofs men died 99Germanic culture Tacitusethnological monograph wrote Germanialeader ghts for victory warrior ghts for chiefstayed for leader even if dead cultural force Zeitgeist Mouldin armyregular people Vikingsprofessionals 1000 c25 ts with the terrorpeople starve in a warfood production stolen food burnt cropsafter Beowulf diesWiglaf heirloom of war gets angry shames men who ran away death is better for any earl than a life of dishonour 2999that is the feud and the erce emity Swedish people hostilityheroesnoble deedsthey have lost Wiglaf knows and is warningall gold put in funeral pyre not used dark ravenvisual motifanimals who wanted to eat the dead and would wait until deathBeowulf Translations 30103027
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