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History of English Literature-Mar.1 Mrs. Dalloway Continued

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Peter Walley

March 1 Mrs DallowayContinuedClarissa DallowayDallowaydally dallying away wasting time precious timeClarissatransparent light passing througho Literary Clarissanovel about a woman of the upper gentry stolen from home and rapes her and she slowly dies from her loss of virginity wastes awayTime and Memory o Time jumpsliving past and present seamlessly o A novel full of clocks Big Ben giant clock loud that invades the psychic space o Bradshaw45minute appointments o Time compressed and expansive of the novel happens between 11am and 12pm the waves as the natural momentum of timeAging and Mortality o Been sickhair turns whitemind and body togetherfasttracked aging before her timeo Clarissa menopausal heart condition surrounded by women of many ages o Pater as denial women live so much more in the past than we domarrying daisy chasing girls in the street but napping in the park living entirely in the pastthe central masculine figure pursuing youth when really being lost o Fear no more the heat of the sunphrase an abrasive death once your dead there is no need for fear The attraction of death as a solution for the chaos of lifeLife Memori
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