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History of English Literature-Mar.8 Mrs. Dalloway (continued)

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Peter Walley

March 8 Mrs Dalloway ContinuedIdeology the ideas of the ruling class are in everyepoch the ruling ideasthe power of the state resides in ideologyHegemonythe way ideology is disseminated The ruling class cant just impose their ideas on the lower classes so it is througho Mrs Dallowaythe servants milling around her her as a good mistress showing the class divide o Extended atomisation of the ruling class What is shown of class o Deep divisions between classes o Clarissa as a snob neglecting Ellie Henderson because she is jus the Vickers daughter loathing Miss Kilmans mackintosh dismissing her on the basis of class although there is much more going on there Laughing at the middle class women wearing fur in June o Septimus the perennially marginal office desk clerk reading Shakespeareastute intelligence that cannot escape his class o Miss Kilman angrily embracing povertywanting the clair in the Army and Navy Stores and not being able to afford them o Social mobility Hugh Witbreadmakes sure that the class that accepts him continue to exclude others Sally Seatons Lord Rossetersomeone who is presumably were grasping canny hardworking wh
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