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History of English Literature-Mar.6 Mrs. Dalloway (continued)

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Peter Walley

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March 6Consumer Culture Triumphant Shoppers Eaters o Clarissas flowers and bookso Hugh and the necklacebrowbeating the shopkeepers assistantHis buying the necklace for his wife being a show of his power o Peters Bartlett pears o ALL of which communicate the concept of power through objects o Commodity fetishism things interacting in a marketplacethe upper classes work to render the working classes invisible Miss Kilman is in love with Elizabeth gets lost in the Army and Navy Stores when Elizabeth leaves her she is heartbroken shopping is the modern predicamentFigure of power most dangerous Sir William Bradshaw the psychiatrist o Critique of the systemsystem is wrought and we cover it up by calling it proportion 109110Too readily accept the mainstream message of what
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