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Lecture 5

ENGLISH 2C03 Lecture 5: Lecture Five (May. 15. 17) Dear Life Stories- Alice Munro

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Sara Rogers

Lecture Five Quiz is next Wednesday on Laughing All the Way to the Mosque Dear Life Continued Haven . Written from after the fact> it is documented as it unfolded once she has a fuller idea of what the whole experience is . Uncle Jasper and Aunt Dawn . Are not the people we expect? . The small town> slower and outdated . Pg. 110> Aunt Dawn is living in the 50s like the whole small town . Uncle Jasper is a DICK! . He controls her so much and restricts her . Mona . Was favoured by their parents, his sister . Uncontrolled, a woman with power, musician . Has gone against everything Dawn in> she moved to the city in pursuit of art and music . Jasper . Critical of his sister, because he hates music or hates her because she loves music? . He is a boring selfish doctor . Utilitarian . The narrator . Pg. 125> men hate or have no use for many things and thats why they hate something . Thinks that some things can be completely useless . Music and algebra are not useful to the blue collars of society . A story of leaving home and coming home . Mona comes home in two senses> the coffee gathering with Aunt Dawn and when she dies her body is sent home . The narrator has no sense of who she is> she is an observer . She has never wondered who she is . Pg. 112 . Aunt Dawn always waits for her husbands response before she responds . Shows the degree of control that he has over her . Jaspers Control . Food and the kitchen are often the womens spheres> Jasper only lets her cook what he wants Pg. 118> Jasper doesnt like it and he flips out and storms off making himself a PB and J sandwich . Dawn just wants to be a good housewife and make her home happy . She wants to be cultured, sociable, and opinionated . BUT she cannot because Jasper controls her
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