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Frost and Stevens Continued

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Jeffery Donaldson

Frost and Stevens ContinuedThe Idea of Order at Key WestWoman shore singingWatching the woman which makes the poem partially about the woman problematizes the relationship of the person with the environmentNarrative but more much formal thinking through of concept through poetic rhetoric Magnitude of setting of bountiful sea something potentially larger even than the singer The environment itself is divided strong demarcation between the world of singing and the strange otherworldly sea itself The woman is the muse figure she is the poet herself in the world the creative spirit of the human that goes into a place and reaches the limit of where we are at home and sings a song about a place beyond where we find ourselves at home Poet looking for reciprocity between the spirit of the place genius loki andThe lights of the boats laid across the water and the sea even is ordered when it comes into contact with man Finally you cannot tell in the last scene whether or not the spirit is the spirit of the song or the spirit of the place The world we inhabit is the whole world and the spirit of the song as well The Wood PileMale finds wood pile
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