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Frost and Stevens

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Jeffery Donaldson

Frost and StevensStopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening and The Snow ManSimilarities Themes of snow woods outdoors Symbolism Hopelessness Death Environment outside which we cannot step we discover that we have to relate to it someday Seasonal metaphor the opposite of Summer so winter is sparseness and absence Authors are using the seasons as metaphors for human states of mindconsciousness by the environments that the consciousness finds itself in Pathetic Fallacy Assigning pathos empathy sympathy a sense of a large emotional focus that is focused onto a small thing Ex the large emotion conveyed onto the seasons It is an assumption that the seasons are in tune with human states of consciousness The fallacy is to assume that the seasons have pathos with the consciousnessDifferences Quatrains vs Tercets The Snow Man has much less punctuation Frost has regular endstopped lines Frost has a rhyme scheme Frost descriptive Stevens prescriptiveVoice Dont have an identified speaker in the Snow Man Frost speaker is a definitive I Stevens more authoritative and some kind of teacher making a truthclaim like a philosopher her uses the rhetor
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