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Black Songwriting and Post-Colonialism

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Sarah Brophy

Colonization in ReverseLouise BennettWat a joyful news miss Mattie I feel like me heart gwine burs Jamaica people colonizin Englan in ReverseBy de hundred by de tousan From country and from town By de shipload by de plane load Jamica is Englan boun Dem a pour out a Jamaica Everybody future plan Is fe get a bigtime job An settle in de mother lan What an islan What a people Man an woman old an young Jus a pack dem bag an baggage An turn history upside dung Some people doan like travel But fe show dem loyalty Dem all a open up cheapfare ToEngland agency An week by week dem shippin off Dem countryman like fire Fe immigrate an populate De seat a de Empire Oonoo see how life is funny Oonoo see da turnabout jamaica live fe box bread Out a English people mout For wen dem ketch a Englan An start play dem different role Some will settle down to work An some will settle fe de dole Jane says de dole is not too bad Because dey payin she Two pounds a week fe seek a job dat suit her dignity me say Jane will never fine work At de rate how she dah look For all day she stay popn Aunt Fan couch An read lovestory book Wat a devilment a Englan Dem face war an brave de worse
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