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3F03_WEEK 9 AFRICAN THEATRE 03/02/2010 Presentation – Look for what common issues may arise out of different research and what the differences are. March 2, 2010 African Canadian Theatre in Canada What is the function of Canadian Theatre? To affirm how, as Canadians, we have a similar way of looking at the world? Creating a sense of comfort with our identity To encourage us to see the world differently? Create new aesthetics that questions the norms of our social arrangements. Development through a series of debates. If we want a public discussion about Canadian concern, how many different ways do we have of being Canadian? Problem of Artistic Quality Stratford and Regional Develop a market for the best plays of the international repertoire Alternatives Develop Canadian theatre as a venue for public discussion of Canadian concerns Write plays about Canadian concerns Bring new audiences to Canadian theatre Learn from a variety of international approaches. What is particular about this form? Who makes African-Canadian Theatre? Many cultures involved in the African Diaspora in Canada Blacks first arrived in Canada with Champlain in 1604 “Loyalists” and underground railway Big waves of immigration Post-1960 Immigration Canadian immigration laws changed Before that there were preferred nations that Canada accepted immigration from. British and French heritage & European countries were privileged in immigration policies. After this there was more immigration from Caribbean and African countries. Important to recognize that we’re not talking about homogenous communities, but a Diaspora [people who have been forced to leave the countries] Poor Documentation “Canada suffers from a kind of ‘historical amnesia’. It has forgotten the ‘racist laws, policies, practices, and ideologies that have shaped Canadian social, cultural political and economic institutions from 300 years” (P.10). As a result, there are serious patterns of omission in the documentation of African Canadian cultural production “The effect, more often than not, is erasure, which forced contemporary practitioners in the arts to continuously reinvent themselves, often unaware that there are already footprints on the path they are now cleaning, as if for the first time” (Sears i) Canada never had the massive plantation style of slavery that Southern United States had [
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