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3F03_WEEK11 03/16/2010 Presentations Tomorrow. Continued to the 31 . st st Everyone’s summary of the presentation is due the 31 . Through the group presentations we will be doing a review and extension of the material up to date. Summary worth 10% of what the group came around to. Compare notes on the research done on the essay. Commonalities, and differences between. Make a presentation about what this tells us about the debates and issues that have come up in Canadian Theatre. Degree of precision to be useful. Commonality: (EG) all groups produced a group in Canada. (Not precise enough to be really useful), we want to think about the lessons that we’ve learned about how Canadian theatre has developed and how it might develop in the future. Something precise. Some groups had to rethink who their audience was. Give an exact example from our research towards seeing what the “precise” point with the group might be and how it plays out, by giving concrete examples from the research that we did. Representative examples about the research. AND, or BUT problem, or COMBINATION of the two. Earlier, LATER (Time comparison) Try to keep the time sequence in mind as we do this. *Here is an issue that we all ran into, or “here’s a debate that we all came about” – something to trigger a discussion, a look at the issue and how does it play into the practices of particular theatre audiences. (20 – 30 minutes) Wednesday 31 , might be on Tuesday 30 Beginnings of Professionalism Sabrina [email protected] Emilia Hall and Stratford Stage First woman performer in Stratford. Opened it up with Richard the III. Went to MAC Laura Wagner [email protected] Radio plays Movement to Radio and introduction of concepts like the family, and idea behind individual character and development. Captivated people listened in, and used more dramatic elements. Salimah [email protected] (1937-52) Montreal based theatre Held workshops to make the actors more professional. What they did was considered quality theatre. What is quality? Nicole [email protected] (1934) Radi
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