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Lecture 7

ENGLISH 3GF3 Lecture 7: English 3GF3 - Lecture 7 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Novel)

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Donald Goellnicht

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Monday February 29 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Novel) • Introduction o According to John Griswald, chapters 1-5 take place in September 1961 at Royale-les-Eaux in Northern France, while chapters 6-27, the main plot, are set in November 1961 to January 1, 1962 in London and Switzerland o The novels Thunderball (1961) and OHMSS (1963), and YOLT (1964) form a trilogy with Blofeld, head of SPECTRE, the major villain in all three o This is the first time that Fleming linked his books so closely o The order of the films is different: Thunderball (1965, Connery), YOLT (1967, Connery), and OHMSS (1969, Lazenby) – with each treated as a self contained narrative o Written in spring 1962 (the year that the first Bond film was released – Dr. No) o First novel published after a Bond film exists o Within the context of Bond already existing on film o Published in 1963 (second film released – To Russia With Love) o Opening chapter’s title evokes a painting o To some extent, it is a description of something like a painting o The title reads like a pre credit sequence o After Thunderball’s exotic setting in the Bahamas, Fleming returns to a luxurious European setting (famously known for Casino Royale) o Presents a softer, more nostalgic Bond o Memories of family vacations with his parents (we have never seen Bond as a child before) • Tracy o Watching a girl  when Bond does this, he lets his professional guard down o Mini review of the Bond formula within most introduction scenes o Here, there is a significant twist o Rather than Bond being successful, Bond is captured remarkably early on o Chapter one ends with a flashback o Capture on Page 7 o Car chase (common Bond formula that happens in every novel/film) o He remembers chasing a mystery girl in a white sports car o This allows Fleming to revel o Very
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