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Lecture 9

ENGLISH 3GF3 Lecture 9: English 3GF3 - Lecture 9 - Moonraker (Film)

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Donald Goellnicht

Monday March 21 – Moonraker (Film) • Introduction o Themes of Bond changed o 60s  sexuality and nationhood o 70s  technological (Rolex watches) o Most spinoffs were designed for children o Bond descended the age scale o Audience in the 60s was adolescents and young adults o In the 70s the audience was parents with preadolescent children o Films aimed at younger and younger audiences o Frequently bought as competitions for Disney films o Showed every Christmas day (becoming a part of British routine) o Sean Connery returned for one final film in Diamonds are Forever? o Roger Moore  oldest actor to play Bond o Also starred in 7 films (more than Bond) o Connery is 58 in the last movie o Moore stared in similar films prior to Bond o Bond became even more of a formula o Film functioning primarily as action entertainment o Almost like parodies of earlier, more serious movies and novels o Less and less attempt to emphasize the human drama o Increasingly younger audience was unaware of the Connery Bond o Moonraker became the biggest Bond box office success to date • Film o Making of Moonraker is to be seen in the context of late 1970s movies o Almost a completely different plot from then novel o Instead of a domestic threat to London by nuclear bomb from Russians, there is a huge threat to the whole world through biological warfare o Not a nuclear missile but an entire space fantasy o Most popular movies in the late 70s: Star Wars, Jaws, Superman, Alien, Star Trek o Producing “science fact” not “science fiction” o Epic scope and technology o Cold War was in a period of relative calm o Jimmy Carter elected president  seeking new peace agreements with USSR o Russians no longer such a scary threat as the Moonraker novel was written • Opening Sequence o Moonraker rockets o Goldfinger connection  Pussy Galore’s pilots were supposed to drop gas o Took that part of Goldfinger and added it to this on a larger scale o Gas dropped on large parts of the planet from space o Drax has 6 space shuttles o One of the original rockets got damaged so he had to take it back o Drax selected specific astronauts o It would have been unacceptable to have this Aryan superiority in the 60s o One black couple and one Asian couple meant to represent humanity carrying on after the destruction of the human population o Couples are all paired by race  no interracial mixing o Opening sequence meant to both tap in to a sci-fi/space theme
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