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Lecture 6

ENGLISH 3GF3 Lecture 6: English 3GF3 - Lecture 6 - Goldfinger (Film)

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McMaster University
Donald Goellnicht

Monday February 22 – Goldfinger (Film) • Introduction o Terrence Young who directed the first two films refused the third film o He felt he should have been given share of the profits o Replaced by Guy Hamilton who would end up directing several Bond films o The film has a lighter, more humorous tone o Long pre-credit scenario (Bond in the wetsuit) • Opening Scene o What does this scene have to do with the rest of the film? o It has nothing to do with the plot o Establishes Bond as promiscuous secret agent for those who are new o Recap of who Bond is before you go into the next film o Strong, phallic man who has many skills (scuba diving, scaling a wall, explosives) o Makes jokes about himself (“slight inferiority complex”) o Dresses elegantly and kills ruthlessly with humour o Bond formula in miniature o Electrocution of the assassin (foreshadow to Oddjob’s death at the end) o This is not how Oddjob dies in the novel o One of the most famous Bond theme songs o John Barry was given complete control of the musical score o Bassey was chosen to sing the theme song  made her an American star o Progression into hiring stars for the soundtrack o Soundtrack albums now being released separate from the film o After the credits we move to Miami o Critics claim that Fleming is parodying himself o So over the top that it’s almost ridiculous o The villain’s name is a repetition of itself o Oric = Gold o Oric Goldfinger = Gold Goldfinger • Yellow Peril/Yellow Terror o Being used as a fear factor for western audiences o Chinese “yellow people” o “The yellow peril” or “the yellow hoards” o Goldfinger’s yellow army is racist • Oddjob o Is always dressed as an Englishman in black and white o Despite his race • Goldfinger o Obsession with gold o Paints Jill Masterson gold and kills her for betraying him o Bond “winning over the girl” who works for the villain o Iconic Bond scene o Some critics loved this scene but others found it disturbing  argument that the scene demonstrates a necrophillic desire for dead women’s bodies o This goes back to Vesper, the first Bond girl o This is a stock motif by this time • Professional Bond o Lets down his professional guard o Rejects Felix in favour of sex with Jill o He is distracted from his mission o Bond not in favour of popular music at the time o He lets his desires get the best of him  defeated by Oddball • Q o Man in charge of arms and gadgets o Not like in Dr. No with his PPK o But he becomes sort of like M o Aston Martin car  this returns in Skyfall o The car represents the ultimate modern gadgetry o All British produced even though there is a decline in the 1960s o
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