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Lecture 8

ENGLISH 3GF3 Lecture 8: English 3GF3 - Lecture 8 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Film)

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Donald Goellnicht

Monday March 14 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Film) • Introduction o Bond franchise lost the opportunity to have Roger Moore step in as Sean Connery’s replacement o Released in 1967 o Producers turned once more to OHMSS (came up a number of times but was shelved)  was considered after Goldfinger and Thunderball o It is the middle of the 3 Blofeld novels o The films don’t follow this order o Peter Hunt is the director o This is a new Bond  an experiment in some sense o Wanted to create a Bond movie that was less dependent on gadgets o This had become a major part of every Bond film o Wanted to progress from the Bond formula o Challenge was to find a new Bond to replace Connery o Spent one year worldwide to find a new Bond o George Lazenby (age 30) was chosen  significantly younger than Connery o He was signed on to do seven films but he only lasted one o He was an Australian model (not an actor and not British) o Agent thought that Bond would not last through the 1970s o He bailed on the contract on his own (chose not to continue) o He bailed before the movie was even released o Hunt was praising of Lazenby during the film’s release • Opening Scene o These two actors have been present since the beginning of the franchise o Fight scene opening o References to all the previous Bond films in the opening sequence o This has never happened before o Huge effort to link this to the Bond tradition o The 3 actors who were there from the start (M, Q, and Miss Moneypenny) are the first people we see on screen o Audience is pacified that not everything has changed o Watch from TRWL o Mask from Thunderball o Bond’s resignation is a consequence of M (lost faith in Bond) o In the book it was because of his failure to find Blofeld o Absent in the film is any reference to Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale o This was quite a major reference in the early part of the novel o We get the casino scene where Tracy loses her money (Bond pays her debts) o To the film audience, Casino Royale didn’t exist (no talk of the novel) • Bond Formula o Moving more into plot and characterization instead of gadgets o Tracy marries Bond and is then killed o First and only (for a long time) Bond film with an unhappy ending o This may have accounted for OHMSS not doing as well at the box office o Also Connery had left o On
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