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The Diary of Anne Frank

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Douglas Bruce

The Diary of Anne Frank - 1929 Frankfurt o Died in Germany in early March - 1945 in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp - Was 15 years old, like John Freund History - Arriving at “Prinsengracht” (pgs. 16-19, “Secret Annexe”) Diary as Coping Mechanism - I hope I shall be able to confide in you completely, as I have never been able to do in any one before, and I hope that you will be a great support and comfort for me. - Confidence and trust o Telling it everything o Confiding in it o Her little secret o She can contrive absolutely everything into it without worrying - Support - Comfort Diary 2 - “paper is more patient than man” (2) o Can write whatever you want without thinking about what they will say or do - She’s not alone, people like her “strings of boyfriends, anxious to catch a glimpse of me” (3) - “I want this diary itself to be my friend...” - What is a “friend”? “I can understand my friends better than my own mother” (30) o Her and her mother never confide in each other o - “and I shall call my friend Kitty” (3) o Cute, playful o Giving an identity to an object – personification o Never trusted anyone to the same extent Diary 3 - 1934 Montessori Kindergarten (ages 3-6) - “free”, independent, self-instruction, motivation oriented, blocks of time to yourself... educational philosophy, respecting the child’s natural instincts, instilling respect, self- confidence, independence, motivation to learn in children o Parents were liberal and wanted their children to learn to express themselves freely - In her diary, Anne can express herself freely o Allows her to take her time to solve problems that arise o A coping mechanism to live Diary 4 - Confides what she and others feel but can’t tell their environment - Harry: has to please the adults but “I just can’t fall into line” (pg. 10) - On Wednesday’s “officially I go to wood-carving lessons to please my grandparents, in actual fact I go to a meeting of the Zionist Movement. I am not supposed to because my grandparents are very much against the Zionists” (10) o Searching for identity o Feels pride in being Jewish o The grandparents don’t want to attract attention to their religion - Significance of her diary, not just intimate (psychological study), but analytic, gives a “cultural history” of the time (63) Diary 5 - Does not write for one month until the Van Daan’s arrive with “Peter” - Style changes – many quarrels... followed by insights into human relationships, the nature of friendship, love, morality - True characters reveal themselves in extreme situations (32-34) and Dussel (56) - “extraordinary things can happen to people who go into hiding” (35) Diary 6 - Other survival strategies: o Daddy is going to gi
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