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Winne the Pooh

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Douglas Bruce

Lecture 10 – Winnie the Pooh (1926) - A.A. Milne (1882-1956) - Winnipeg and Harry Colebourn o Winne and Christopher Robin Christopher’s Toys - Real bear? No - Winne, Piglet, Eeyore, Owl and Rabbit, and later Kanga and Roo; Tigger comes up only in the sequel The House at Pooh Corner Structure - Chapters are independent stories o Do not carry over - Several of these stories were published in various magazines before and adapted - How do they hold together? Is there a theme? - Is the focus on the animals or on Christopher Robin? Christopher Robin - Only child - Why do we not learn anything about his family? o Has to learn everything on his own o Christopher Robin is like the father of his little “family” - He’s powerful: comes to the rescue all the time - The narrator puts him in a safe position, lives at the top of the forest, can’t get hurt by the flood (139) Animals - They are humanized toy animals and not real animals - Are they like the Pinocchio puppet? - Animated, talk but not real? Can’t hurt themselves ever... o As when Pooh falls out of the tree (9) o Eeyore’s tail gets nailed on (54) - Piglet sums up (131-133) Adventures - Compare with Alice - Ordinary events: birthday party, feeling hungry, everything takes place in the safe world of the forest What do the Animals Represent? - Pooh is a bear of little brain, is greedy - Good friend Piglet, of everyone... how about his modesty and his constant put downs? - Still self aware, best bear in the world (43) - Learns from owl - Pooh has more insight than we think (138-139), The Brain of Pooh rescues Pi
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