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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

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Douglas Bruce

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (1997) Two Worlds - Copy of the old world but different o Ministry of Magic (51) o Abuse and evil associated with both o Discrimination o Extreme Muggles and extremes on the other side o Sometimes both worlds are found in one family o Even Voldemort may have worlds in him (46) Muggle World - Mr. And Mrs. Dursley and Dudley – Mrs. Is Harry’s mother’s sister, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petuni - Muggles don’t see: magic happening – cat reading a map, people wearing cloaks (8) Mr. Is opposed to this magic world, is a Muggle (10, 11, 15) - There is MIXING between these two worlds: some muggles do not understand at all, others have one family member sometimes who is a magic person, some are more muggle than others (61, 79) Otherness - Clashes within the family, potentially (93) but for the most part relatives are proud, even in Harry’s family the parents were proud of the sister, Harry’s mother, when she was “chosen” (44) Harry in Muggle World - Main link between these two worlds, He’s confident and heroic and at the same time full of doubt - Harry grows up in the Muggle world - On his 11 birthday he receives a letter from a giant, Hagrid o RITE OF PASSAGE, growing up, time to move on o Goes to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - 100 lots of others like Harry o He’s not alone Harry and Alterity - In the real world he lives under the stairs (20), treatment (22) - There is psychological depth: Harry’s early alienation, abuse, feels rejected by his uncle’s family, and powerless - But there’s rebellion against this treatment even before he knows he’s a wizard: his hair (23), dreams (24), snake (25-26) - He will turn his back on the real world, and make the wizard world his home
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