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Jeffery Donaldson

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January 30/2013
Day 6
English 1A03
Poetry Quiz Q. 5
- What was the point of asking “which guy”
o How naturally we read subtle codes
Image and Imagery
- An image is consolidated cognitive activity
Three different kinds of images:
1) A cognitive item
a. This is as simple as thinking of the ostensible signified when a signifier is announced. I say the
word “apple,” and a corresponding image will appear in your mind. I say the word “anger,” and a
conceptual image will appear in your mind. These are both imagery in the first sense, the
material and conceptual hardware of the poem.
2) A Figure of Speech
a. You have to begin to construe and interpret the associations and meanings of the metaphor to
come up with this third image. Any kind of trope or example of linguistic irony will produce a
sense of something that is not obviously on the page and which remains in some way unfixable
and indefinite, open to interpretation and personal response. This is imagery in the second
3) The effective pattern and design
a. All conceptual and visual images, whether products of explicit metaphor or a straight-forward
descriptive signifier that the poet has pressed into service for some general effect, emphasis, or
direction of mind
b. Virtually any discussion of an issue, an idea, a frame or reference or concern will unfold on the
basis of how we interpret the imager patterns before us
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