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ENGLISH 1A03 Lecture Notes - Kate Chopin

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Jeffery Donaldson

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March 11/2013
English 1AA3
Exam Question Assignment - due Monday April 1
- To be submitted in lecture
- Submit 5 essay questions to be potentially included in the exam. Each question should be suitable for a
one hour essay
- No need to defend or explain the value of your questions, which should in any case be self-evident
- Aim for variety of genre, approach, subject matter, theme
- Try to avoid the questions you could imagine everyone else is asking
1) Compare and contrast questions
a. Compare authors, forms, themes, styles, images, metaphors
b. Significance if similarities and difference and the degree to which they reveal distinctive qualities
of the writer
2) Relevance questions
(The part that stands for the whole)
What part of the whole? A scene, image, metaphor, character, event, etc.
What whole for the part? The work as a whole, etc.
3) Questions based on a critical comment:
Find a relevant critical comment and invite your reader to consider how it might apply to certain works.
Make up a claim of your own and then invite your reader to defend or refute it.
“The Story of an Hour” – Kate Chopin
- Finding meaningful things
o Repetition of themes, ideas, images, etc.
o Find metaphoric identifications
Some sense that elements are like or similar to one another
- Illness
- Heart trouble
- Physical exhaustion as haunting
- Reference to death
- Knowledge and how it is revealed
- External displays of emotional response
- Privacy
- Suggestions of abandonment
o Being left could be the chosen state
- Seasonal metaphors of Spring
Unpacking motifs
- Inside/outside
- Upstairs/downstairs
- Male/female
- Life/death
- Freedom/imprisonment
- Weakness/strength
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