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ENGLISH 1A03 Lecture Notes - Katherine Mansfield

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Jeffery Donaldson

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March 13/2013
English 1A03
“The Doll’s House” – Katherine Mansfield
- Dollhouses and short fiction
o Dollhouses allow us to see things more clearly
o A smaller version of a larger story
We are lured into the miniature because it is part of the whole view
Smaller spaces = concentration of attention
o A house is like a story
It has enclosed spaces and connects each space with another
It presents outside ideas in new ways
- Class and belonging
o You cannot “enter” it because you are too large to enter
o “They didn’t look as though they belonged. But the lamp was perfect”
The people do not belong
This shows that people seem to get things wrong
Redemptive influence: an “inner space” with the revelation of a reality
o “Were forced to mix together”
Sign of class differences, the “force” demonstrates unwillingness
- Who “gets to see” and what is it that is revealed?
- The lamp central symbol
o Multiple meanings:
Light and reality
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