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Lecture 3

ENGLISH 1A03 Lecture 3: 1A03 Lecture 3 - Charm and Riddle

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Jeffery Donaldson

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How May Charms Be Interpreted?
the experience of being affected by something
how to describe that effect
what is changed?
what is not changed?
elements of charm: a kind of weather
it doesn't change the meaning of your day, but it can cast in a different light
i.e. listening to fast songs at the gym to get you pumped and your heartbeat racing
a power of pleasing or compelling
any action supposed to have magical power
the "magical" influencing of another's emotional state
musical analogy
emotional effect
short-circuits reasoning faculties
a question stated so as to exercise one's ingenuity in answering it or discovering its meaning
any puzzling question, problem, matter
how do you riddle someone?
why do we like riddles?
to get them to think more about what is being stated
to intrigue them into a thought problem
rubik's cube analogy
rational effect
expanding consciousness
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