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Lecture 1

ENGLISH 1A03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Shattered Visage, Geoffrey Chaucer, Frame Story

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Prayat Poudel

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September 15th! lecture 2.
P.B Shelleys “Ozymandias”!
opening (1-18)
narrator + frame narrative!
portrait of the process
celebration of his power, shelly takes it and brings the power down.
what shelly or the poem is suggesting to us the act of interpretation?
he wants a statue to celebrate himself, (artist number 1)
sculptor becomes an artist figure in the poem. (2nd artist)
the traveler (3rd artist) the eye met a traveler.
the eye of the poem (4th artist) eye hasn't seen the sculptor directly.
individual reading this poem (5th artist)
> we can look at it 2 ways- that there never is a right answer and interpretation is always
removed and never really get at. OR the poem is showing decay- the poem recoilless
deca and permanence because we are looking at it differently.
1. highlight the active role of the reader and shaping the meaning (multiple answers)
2. poem makes it really clear the meanings change over time, kings intention cant
survive the sculptors time. this is why art has relevance because it changes things
overtime. this allows those texts to stay alive.
sculptor caring out the intention, and a different interpretation of the king.
“half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, and wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold
command. sculptor is already changing how the king is brought out in this art.
Geoffrey Chaucer - the general prologue!
the story has examples of relevance to todays society and what individuals do today
( line 325-327)
marks the beginning of english for a national language. before the language was french
and/or latin.!
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