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ENGLISH 1C06 Lecture Notes - Robert Frost, Romantic Poetry, Hypnosis

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Jeffery Donaldson

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Day 5
January 23/2013
English 1C06
Romantic Poets
The Pastoral Dialectic
- Pastoral space is normally associated with a purity and innocence not found in the social centre
- Leave the corrupt social space to enter into the presence of what revelations are available in the natural
space beyond it
- The “space apart” is thought to harbour energies or presences that we are not quiet enough to
experience society. You go out into the “space beyond” and make yourself available to what may “speak
to you there”
- The stepping out away from a given or entrenched perspective into an alternative view.
- * prophet figure passes between Experience and Innocence
Pre-Romantic Axis Mundi
God, Higher Power, the Heavens, the music of the spheres, an orderly and benign cosmos
Garden of Eden, a lost world or utopia; World we were meant for but don’t live in
Society, the world as it is; nature as we know it in its regular cycles of birth and death, the turn of
the seasons, etc.
Savage Nature; the demonic world of death and hell and sin below nature
Post-Romantic Axis Mundi
Alienated world of oppressive power or authority; usually thought of as dead or mechanical;
images of alien space, remote towers of industry, sky fathers, etc.
Human civilization in both its positive and negative manifestations
An alternative preferred world; something subordinated, neglected, or underestimated in power
which is seen as excluded from thought but dangerous to ignore. Usually some aspect of nature
that complements human nature, but may also be a part of human society with a similar
complementary role
A point of identity where human creation and imaginative power start, often symbolized as
under the earth or sea, like Atlantis, or arising from unacknowledged depths within the individual
from above
from above
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