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Lecture 13

ENGLISH 1C06 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Watering Trough, Bucephalus, Candid Records

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Anne Savage

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a. Example of how when DQ’s idea don’t fit reality (reality
intrudes his dream world) he will just skirt around them
c. Horse
i. Took 4 days to name
ii. Rocinante
1. Means “was once an old nag”
iii. Is a skinny old, nag, that is just skin and bones
iv. Thinks it compares to Alexander the Great’s Bucephalus or El Cid’s
d. Name
i. Takes him about a week to think of his name
ii. Quixote= “piece of thigh armor”
iii. La Macha is a nowhere town
e. Squire
i. Foil= sancho panza
1. Simple minded, dim-witted, former farmer and neighbor
2. Rides a donkey
f. Lady
i. Neighbor who is a simple farm girl
ii. Reamed her from Aldonza Lorenzo> Dulcinea
1. Means “sweet one
Chapters 2-6
1. DQ stops at an Inn which he believes to be a castle
a. Realizes he has not been dubbed a knight
b. Innkeeper >“Lord of the Caste”
i. Asks him to knight him
c. Prostitutes> “Ladies of the court”/ princesses
i. At first they laugh at him treating them so courtly, but then they start like
being treated with respect
d. To be a knight back in the day you must:
i. Fast all night
ii. Pray in the chapel all night
iii. Only think pure thoughts all night
e. So, DQ goes to the “altar,” which is really a watering trough and starts to pray
i. He even beats up a man who comes to feed his horse
ii. To stop this the innkeeper comes and says the rules have been changed
and you only needed to pray for an hour, and he is good now
2. Next, DQ encounters a boy being beaten by his master
a. DQ stops the altercations and rides away
b. Then the boy is beat twice as bad after DQ is out of sight
3. DQ is eventually beaten badly by a band of merchants he messed with
a. He is picked up by his family on the side of the road
The Renaissance
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