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Lecture 9

ENGLISH 1C06 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Miranda Sings, Join Hands, Fathom

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Anne Savage

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The Tempest (5)
a. Shows Prospero where to find food and drink
b. Shows him the secrets of the isle
2. Prospero:
a. Assumed a fatherly role
b. Taught language and about the sun and moon
c. Shows him all the wonders of the civilized world
b. Relations were good until Caliban tried to rape Miranda
i. Caliban wanted to “populate island with Callibans
ii. So, Prospero now uses his magic to keep Caliban enslaved
1. Causes whips, stings, pinches, cramps him with his magic
c. Uses Caliban to perform housekeeping tasks:
i. Collects firewood, gets water
d. First time he appears he curses Prospero and Miranda
9. Miranda sings a song
a. About Miranda and Ferdinand joining hands
i. If they join hands the “waves” (tempest between the families) will cease
10. Ariel sings a song
a. “Full fathom five”
i. Ferdinand thinks this means that his father has died
11. Ferdinand
a. Prospero knows that he is Alonso’s son
i. Prospero says that Ferdinand has come to spy on them
b. Miranda is so enamored by Ferdinand that she thinks he is a spirit or a god
i. “Miranda” (latin)= to wonder
c. Ferdinand says that Miranda is wonderful
i. She wonders is she really is wonderful or just a maid, because she has
never seen a girl before
d. Ferdinand is at first shocked he encountered someone who speaks his language
and who knows about Naples
12. Prospero has an aside with ariel
a. Tells ariel he did a great job
b. “They have changed eyes”
13. Prospero is mean to ferdinand?
a. “I must uneasy make, lest too light winning/ Make the prize light.”
i. If ferdinand earns her, he can prize her more
1. He wants to test Ferdinand and not make marrying his daughter
just too easy
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