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Lecture 1

ENGINEER 1D04 Lecture 1: 1D04 lecture notes summary feated with chinese citation notes

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McMaster University
Engineering (General)
Ned Nedialkov

Lecture summary Professor Dr. Ned Nedialkov CR to Edward Yu 知识点 人物 重点&难点 Lecture 1 Total BS Lecture 2 Values: s are the information (called data) stored and manipulated by computer program. Including Booleans (True false); Machine integers (小的整数); Floating point numbers; Strings; Lists; Functions. Expression: An expression is a syntactic entity that denotes a value. [分为 atomic 和 compound expression] Data type: syntactic entity that denotes a collection of values of similar form. 包括 Bool; int; float; str; list Type error 在用错 type 的地方,比如在 int 的地方放入一个 string Variable: a linguistic entity whose meaning can vary. [name bound to a value] *readable and writable Constants: linguistic entity whose meaning is fixed. [Immutable variables] Built in constants 如 true and false Statements: a syntactic entity that states something to be done. 包括 for while if try-expect def. Ada Lovelace: First woman programmer. 1843 写完 Charles Babbage 的 Analytical Engine Modes of program execution: 1. Be interpreted line by line. 交互式强;容易 debug, 速度慢 2. Be compiled into byte code 可 portable;比 native 慢 3. Be compiled into native machine code. 非常快;难编 Lecture 3 Number system: 1. Natural number 2. Integers 3. Rationales 4. Real number 5. Complex number 二进制和十进制转换: 从个位开始未 2^0 2^1 2^2 2^3…. 再乘上该数位的 coefficient 既为十进制的值 二进制到十六进制: 四个为一组,进行上述行为 0-10 未 0-10,11A12B13C14D15E16F 十进制到二进制: 例子 479 479 / 2 = 239 余 1 239 / 2 = 119 余 1 以此类推 14 / 2 = 7 余 0 7 / 2 = 3 余 1 3 / 2 = 1 余 1 /2 = 1 余 0 所以是 479 =11101111 10 2 Numeric Type: a type of values that represents a number system. 包括 int; long; float; complex Module: Python program that can be used as a unit. [import math] Design patterns: template for solving a general design problem within a particular context. Lecture 4 Sequence: an enumerated 例举 collection of objects in which repartitions are allowed. Sequence type: string, Unicode, list. 包括 operator:len—length; + -- concatenation; * -- repetition; x[i] ith mumber; x[:j] slice from I to j. Character: graphemes (units of a writing system) String: a finite sequence of characters. Ord 将 ascii 化为 numerical Chr 将 numerical code 化为 ascii ***x=[‘a’,’b’,’c’] y=’abc’ 其中 x[0]=y[0] x[1]=y[1]这样,但是 x 的元素可以单独赋值 List: a finite sequence of values List 可以含有不同的种类的元素【0,’’,[]】 并且可根据 assignment 改 >>>X=[‘a’,’b’,’c’] >>>X[2]=’d’ >>>X=[‘a’,’b’,’d’] Alan Turing: British computer scientist, 1937 model of computation; 设计 Automatic Computing Engine electronic computer 1945; 1950 图灵测试 File: a finite sequence of data stored on a persistent data storage device. 若连续读两次,,y 跑出的是空 string Lecture 5 Object: a mutable, active value that combines data and operations and communicates via message passing. Object’s data is a set of variables called fields. Fields 决定了 object 的 state Accessor: 得到 data 的 method Mutator: 改数据的 method Classes: Template of a type of objects. *__init__ Object oriented programming language. Graphics 里的 sample mutator and accessors: -getHeight() setBackground() **python 里面,x+y==y+x 是 false 的,append 的顺序不一样 Donald Knuth: Author of The Art of Computer Programming in 1968 Lecture 6 Function is a relation between a set of inputs and a set of outputs such that each input is related to exactly one output. Partial function: 仅适用于部分 domain Function: represents a mathematical function as a value that can be applied as a rule. -def FunctionName(p1,p2,p3,p4) P 为 formal parameters of the function definition 1. P are the inputs 2. When the functions is called they become the local variables of the function call. 可以 print 但是最好 return value ** return none = 什么都不出来 Lecture 7 Boolean: a standard truth value, either true or false. Conditional statements: select a statement for execution on the basis of whether a condition represented as a Boolean expression evaluate to true or false. 包括 if; if else; if else elif; try except; while *try [[[[[]]]]] except[[[[]]]] 试试看[[[[[]]]]]的方法,若是碰上[[[[[[]]]]则采取某种措施 Lectur
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