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Lecture 5

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Environmental Science
Luc Bernier

Variations In Surface Temperature There are key moments in Earth’s rotation such as the Summer and Winter Solstice. At the North and South Pole, they may receive 24 hours of sunlight or darkness and vice versa. • There are also some points of time where we are furthest and closest from the Sun. • Equinoxes are points where the Earth may receive more/less radiation from the Sun. All locations on Earth experience the same amount of daylight for 12 hours (sub-solar point). The Earth’s tilt on the rotational axis affect the seasons that various locations experience. • South Pole would have the Sun be below the horizon during the June Solstice. • There are months that the Earth receives more/less radiation. Daily insolation is greatest towards the poles. • Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn are mirror images of each other in terms of sub-solar points. World Latitude Zones are based on seasonal patterns of daily variations of insolation. If Earth was not tilted, the Earth’s radiation budget there will be a greater loss of energy at higher latitudes. • To achieve the global energy balance, there has to be an annual incoming radiation from near the equator, and at higher and lower latitudes, there is an annual outgoing radiation. Continenentality consists of coastal locations having lower temperature ranges than locations inland. The amount of heat needed to raise the object by one degrees Celsius is the specific heat capacity. • Because water can absorb heat more rapidly than land, less heat is absorbed by the land resulting in lower temperature ranges. • Evaporation involv
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