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Lecture 6

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Luc Bernier

Lecture 6: Atmospheric Moisture Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air. • Warm air holds much more moisture than cold air. • The importance for the amount of moisture in the air is to see how energy is being transferred through the water vapour in the air. • Latent heat is being transferred from one area to another. (through absorption and releasing) SH (specific humidity) is the actual quantity of water vapour in air. • SH = mass of water vapour (g) / mass of total air (kg) Saturation Specific Humidity is the maximum amount of H Ov (i.2. SH) that an air parcel can contain at any given time. • Dependent on temperature, exponential increase in saturation specific humidity as temperature increases. Saturation is the change of phase once limit is reached. • Density of gas cannot be increased above a certain level (saturation) • Establishes equilibrium with the rates of evaporation and condensation when it reaches saturation Mixing a warm parcel (30 Celsius, 20g
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