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Environmental Science
Luc Bernier

Weather, Climate, and Earth’s Atmosphere Weather is constantly changing, determined by short periods of time (by day, hour, etc) • Billions of dollars are spent on damages caused by weather (Hurricane Katrina) • Torrential downpour covered 25% of Alberta and affected hundreds of thousands of people, sewer system was not effective, caused flooding • Asphalt does not soak water well, causing major flooding within major parts of Toronto Climate is weather, but over a long period of time (average temperature, by season, etc) • Types of crops are controlled by climate. (wheat is being dictated by rainfall and temperature) • Droughts (periods of very little water) impact the food supply because little crops can be grown • Melting polar ice caps may change the pattern of how winds decrease the temperature in North America • Airports are being manipulated in engineering to adjust for wind speeds coming from various directions and their magnitudes. • Houses are being created to counter flooding, houses have an adjustable base so that it can float with the water. Composition of Earth’s atmosphere contains water vapour, carbon dioxide, and various greenhouse gases • There is an exponential growth in carbon dioxide due the deforestation and the combustion of fossil fuels in the 20 century • Global average temperature i
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