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How can frozen clothes dry outside in subfreezing weather? Sublimation will take place. If atmosphere is cold, there is moisture that is soaked in the shirt… cold atmosphere tends to be drier, specific humidity is lower that saturation specific humidity… tendency for clothes to release latent heat to the atmosphere. A crowded classroom is filled with students. How does this affect the dew point and relative humidity in the room? Temperature increases and holds more moisture and dew point increases; humidity will be much less than the amount the room can hold and thus relative humidity will be falling. ENVIR SCI 1A03 February 3, 2014 Adiabatic Processes What is an Adiabatic Process? • Rising: expanding and cooling; sinking: contracting and heating • This phenomenon occurs at a predictable rate (certain temperature per m) • The higher the temperature, the more buoyant the air parcel is. • WHAT IS THE DRYADIABATIC LAPSE RATE? (DALR) o Rate of temperature decrease with altitude for a parcel of dry or unsaturated air as it rises: 10 C/1000m o For air parcel to rise, its temperature has to be lightly higher than surface temperature o Temperature at a certain altitude is influenced by starting temperature • WHAT IS THE MOIST ADIABATIC LAPSE RATE? (MALR)/ OR SATURATED (SALR) o Rate of temperature decrease with altitude for a parcel of air that is saturated with water vapour as it rises: 4-9 C/1000m o Condensation is happening and it rises and latent heat is released – clouds will be forming o Lifting condensation level (LCL) height at which saturation occurs o Initially, air parcel is unsaturated, then reaches LCL, and air parcel becomes saturated and becomes SALR, then reach a poin
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