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ENVIR SCI 1A03 January 8, 2014 Weather, Climate and Earth’s Atmosphere • Importance of Weather o E.g. hurricane Katrina – cyclone o Number of events proportional to damage costs o Alberta – most disruptive flood of Canadian history, evacuation 100k people, top weather story of 2013 o Toronto flooding - a lot of cement, thus ground could not absorb water • Impact of Climate o Climate is long term as opposed to present/specific conditions (weather) o Agriculture: types of crop is grown dictated by climate  Avg. Temp and precipitation rates  Impacts the type of foods consumed and sold o Link between weather and climate: decrease of arctic sea ice could change climate pattern = climate change? o Polar vortex brings extreme cold – band of winds along the north pole o Locating/Building an airport  Where are prevailing winds coming from?  Hazard planning – adjust for potential for diff. types of catastrophes • Importance of the Composition of the Atmosphere o Weather events and climate events o Water vapour diagram – dark areas are dry o Water vapour ix the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere o Rapid increase in the concentrat
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