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Environmental Science
Luc Bernier

ENVIR SCI 1B03 January 9, 2013 What is Environmental Science? • Humans and Nature o The impacts of human activity on the natural world may produce unpredictable consequences, beyond our control o We cannot control nature o Rachel Carson – author of Silent Spring  Influential in changing views towards the environment – we are part of the natural world o DDT – WWII, sprayed large doses to kill mosquitoes  Resulted in death of birds and other organisms  That which we do to the environment and our relationship with it could result in consequences • What is the environment? o Atmosphere-biosphere-hydrosphere-lithosphere o Interactions are fueled by energy from the sun o That which occurs in one, results in consequences in the other • How to study environmental problems through Science? o Field research: monitor to determine spatial and temporal variability  Events occur by themselves – nature is doing the experiment itself  Experimental research (Field or Lab): changing parameters • Not natural, more complex • Look at relationship between variables (variable: a quantity or condition that may vary) o Exa
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