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Lecture 5

ENVIRSC 2EI3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Precautionary Principle, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Environmental Science
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Luc Bernier

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Module #5 Planning and Management
Unit #1 Collaboration and Stakeholders
Degrees of Sharing in Decision-Making
Stakeholders have a right to participate in decisions
o Rungs on the Ladder of Citizen Participation
Policy or practice of limited inclusion of members of a minority group usually
creating a false appearance of inclusive practices (intentionally or not)
Those who should be included because of their direct interest, including any
public agency with prescribed management responsibilities all interests
significantly effected by decision or all parties might intervene in the decision
making process to facilitate, block or delay it
Stakeholders and Participatory Approaches
Shared responsibility: argued principal in sustainable development
Public participation: Argued guideline for sustainable development
Partnerships between governments have become increasingly popular
o Implemented through co-management initiatives
Exchanging information and modifying activities in light of other’s needs
Sharing resources
Increasing capacity of others to achieve mutual benefit and realize common
goals or purposes
Stakeholders agree to take collective responsibility
The effective or harmonious working together of different departments,
groups and individuals
Those involved must be careful that the resolutions are the best for long term
Collaboration and Coordination
Needed within, between and among organizations
Environmental Management and Public Agencies
Often focus on a subset of resources
o Ex: Forestry, agriculture and fisheries
Environmental problems require a holistic approach
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